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Baikal. Bright. Winter.
02 March 2015

How to spend the last days of winter?

Baikal. Bright. Winter.

How to spend the last winter days? SSHIKOM team knows the answer and ...
goes to the Lake Baikal! Snow, purest ice, night frost and sun during the day -
here are the conditions for creating a bright winter event!
Outgoing winter expedition allowed the participants to familiarize themselves
with a unique Baikal nature: they conquered the snow and ice by Hivus and
snowmobiles, got acquainted with Huskies, mastered the ancient art of throwing
knives, archery, became local fishermen. All these memories will keep the
participants not only in their memory, but in the photographs, which they had
done during the photoquest.
Baikal. Bright. Winter. And now its our!

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