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Shipwreck and Rescue
12 September 2010

SGS outdoor team building

Shipwreck and Rescue

The plot of this story is an incident happened to SGS passengers on their way
from Moscow office to Gorki-resort: a shipwreck and being lost on an island
near Moscow full of mysteries and secrets.

Everything was for real! Fear and hate generated by the shipwreck, hope for future
rescue, reckless struggle for survival in natural conditions.

Even meeting a polar bear  could not evoke such strong and striking emotions
of the employees as the trials organized by SSHIKOM specially for SGS.

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Other News

The legend's revival

New Year and CG Sshikom: counts

Sshikom took part in the annual meeting of the National Association of Event Organizers

Creative Group Sshikom always tries to find a new, unique and revolution solutions for your events. 

What does make man a real man? Of course, it is the presence of the woman

Who are men? Knights? Defenders? Or just Gods, that have come to us from Olympus?

What helps us to make cool events for our clients? It is our team spirit, professionalism and invariably perfect mood. 

A film venue in Sshikom office!