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TNT Golden Reserve
16 December 2010

New Year's night of TNT by SSHIKOM. TNT opens its gold reserve

TNT Golden Reserve

On the golden stage in golden costumes golden employees of the golden company - TNT! Laughter,
smiles and cheerful mood  in combination with bright serpentine splashes and colorful and memorable
performances of the company's employees  - these were the main traits of  TNT New Year's night
prepared by SSHIKOM.

That night was full of surprises, sometimes very unexpected discoveries and wonderful transformations,
without which no New Year's celebration is impossible.

Cameraman turned out to be a dancer, guest manager - a brilliant singer, director - an actor, and Comedy Club
residents had to play a well-known role to them - MC.

It is  real Golden Reserve!

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The legend's revival

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Sshikom took part in the annual meeting of the National Association of Event Organizers

Creative Group Sshikom always tries to find a new, unique and revolution solutions for your events. 

What does make man a real man? Of course, it is the presence of the woman

Who are men? Knights? Defenders? Or just Gods, that have come to us from Olympus?

What helps us to make cool events for our clients? It is our team spirit, professionalism and invariably perfect mood. 

A film venue in Sshikom office!