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Here is some long-expected news from reef-ball fields!
27 March 2012

Social action for OJSC MegaFon

Here is some long-expected news from reef-ball fields!

Thanks to the Creative Team Sshikom initiative Black Sea environment is
getting better every day!

In September 2010, employees and partners of OJSC "MegaFon" took part
in the social action called "Green Wave".

In spring 2012, divers of the Environmental Fund "Artificial Reefs" visited
"sea huts" and discovered that reef-balls turned alive and are now inhabited
by a lot of juvenile fish. Reef-balls "work" and actively cleanse the Black Sea!


Other News

Sshikom took part in the annual meeting of the National Association of Event Organizers

Creative Group Sshikom always tries to find a new, unique and revolution solutions for your events. 

What does make man a real man? Of course, it is the presence of the woman

Who are men? Knights? Defenders? Or just Gods, that have come to us from Olympus?

What helps us to make cool events for our clients? It is our team spirit, professionalism and invariably perfect mood. 

A film venue in Sshikom office!

It’s a big pleasure for us to get an award for the work done, mostly if it’s a choice of the client.  

There are 300 projects on our web-site. This figure conceals experience, real team and trust of the clients