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Unimilk New Year's corporative event - stirring Spanish corrida

L’Occitane honey apiaries straight from Provence in Moscow shopping centers - promotion action by SSHIKOM! 

Urban street challenge for BLOCK group company

Epson handicraft industry far from technology

Sporting event for successful and Olympic Optima company

TransGroup AS summer corporative event a la military training

Presentation of the main annual  prize on Renova Stroygroup professional holiday

Meeting of Procter&Gamble regional sales managers at an exhibition

Procter&Gamble distribution symposium organized by SSHIKOM on a ship on the Moskva River

MegaFon managed to subdue four elements and raise fighting spirit of its employees during a summer corporative event

Travel around the world with Pioneer - quest game for presentation of Pioneer 's new product

Annual LG sports festival by SSHIKOM

Quest game for OJSC MegaFon "Hunt for brilliants". A game, full of mysteries and unexpected outcomes for the best content providers!

Birthday of  National Insurance Group is a childish holiday for an adult company.Birthday of  National Insurance Group is a childish holiday for an adult company.

Fashionable entertainment of MICEX company for the London Stock Exchange. Festive night with the Presidential Orchestra by SSHIKOM.

The most travelling Russian company - TransGroup AS discovered the whole world. An interesting event happened in a ski resort in Moscow area.